1. The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, 2009-2017.

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  2. Throughout its tenure, the Bioethics Commission has released 10 reports on a variety of ethically challenging topics 

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  3. PCSBI: Over 350 speaking engagements since 2010 in 29 US states and across the globe w audiences in gov’t, academia, & the public

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  4. Since 2009, the PCSBI held 26 public meetings in 10 U.S. cities, addressing a wide array of bioethics topics. 

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  5. PCSBI launched the podcast to discuss bioethical issues, share its recommendations. 

  6. Our edu resources: videos, case studies, discussion guides, & webinars on public health emergencies, whole genome sequencing & more.

  7. Tools can be used to teach ethics, and emphasize that ethics edu is about preparing students how to think ethically. 

  8. Faculty shares how ethics materials enhance the science classroom learning experience 

  9.  What does “Charting a Path Forward” mean for the future of ? Find out in Ep10 of Sound

  10. How to get students talking about ethics? Use podcast & discussion guide for thought-provoking Qs 

  11.  Why should we reflect on the past, present, and future of bioethics bodies? Learn more in Ep10

  12. Start an ethics conversation. Listen to a Bioethics Commission podcast and use discussion Qs 

  13. Our new podcast discussion guide can help stimulate classroom discussion on challenging ethical topics 

  14. How about an ethics topic for your ‘lunch & learn’? and discussion questions 

  15. Looking for a ‘lunch & learn’ topic? Listen to one of our episodes and discuss 

  16. How about an ethics topic for your ‘lunch & learn’? and discussion questions here 

  17. Bioethics Commission Chair Dr. Amy Gutmann shares her experience w democratic deliberation in Ep9 of 

  18. Interested in & education? Ep9 of is live – read about it in today’s blog post