To support ethics education and facilitate the integration of bioethics into traditional and non-traditional educational and professional settings, the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (Bioethics Commission) has developed pedagogical materials to facilitate easy access to the material in its reports by professors, instructors, teachers, and professional leaders.

The educational modules provide foundational information, ethical reasoning, applications, questions, discussion points, and suggested additional readings.  The featured reports illustrate relevant and current applications for each topic. These materials are not intended to be a lecture script or outline, but rather to support instructors in developing their own presentation(s).

Other resources include report-specific study guides that facilitate a deeper examination of the applied bioethical analysis in Bioethics Commission reports.

Materials are free and available through the links to the left.  Instructors are invited to use these materials, or any portion of them, to integrate bioethics into coursework, discussions, and professional development activities in all disciplines. Feedback is welcome, including insight into how the materials have been used and suggestions for how they might be improved for use in the future. Please contact the Bioethics Commission with any questions, comments or suggestions at

Additional materials are under development and will be included upon completion.

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