Media Coverage of Pediatric Medical Countermeasure Research


Nature News (blog) - 5/18/12

Anthrax vaccine trial meets bioethicists” By: Amy Maxmen


The Associated Press - 5/17/12

Panel debates bioterrorism protection for children” By: Lauran Neergaard


The New England Journal of Medicine - 3/19/2013

Safeguarding Children — Pediatric Research on Medical Countermeasures” By: Amy Gutmann


Associated Press - 3/19/2013

Panel: Thumbs down on anthrax vaccine test in kids" By: Lauran Neergaard


USA Today - 3/19/2013

Panel urges limited tests of anthrax vaccine in kids” By: Dan Vergano


Washington Post - 3/19/2013

Ethics panel sets high bar for anthrax vaccine research in children” By: David Brown


Los Angeles Times - 3/19/2013

U.S. Panel: Wait on anthrax vaccine testing for kids” By: Eryn Brown


NPR - 3/19/2013

Bioethics Panel Warns Against Anthrax Vaccine Testing On Kids” By: Rob Stein


The Hill “Healthwatch” (blog) - 3/19/2013

Panel urges caution in testing kids’ anthrax vaccines” By: Elise Viebeck


Nature - 3/19/2013

U.S. Bioethicists recommend more tests before child anthrax vaccine trials” By: Erika Check Hayden


Science - 3/19/2013

Bioethics Panel Gives Yellow Light to Anthrax Vaccine Trial in Children” By: Jocelyn Kaiser